About Aconite

Established in 1996, Aconite Internet Solutions provides Internet Cyber Security consultancy with a strong track record and an excellent client list.

Aconite Internet Solutions (www.aconite.com) is a small professional organisation owned and operated by Dr. Cormac Callanan which provides expertise in policy development in the specialised area of Internet security & safety and the fight against trans-national cybercrime. Aconite Internet Solutions performs policy development for the Council of Europe in the Cybercrime area, has provided training to law enforcement members of Interpol and Law Enforcement in China, Russia, Bulgaria and Interpol Headquarters in Lyon, France. The key needs of today’s Internet are confidence, confidentiality, security, trust and authentication.

Where expertise in the Internet arena is required Aconite leads the field - delivering intelligent solutions to demanding clients and bringing technological advantage and innovative new opportunities to its clients and their customers.

At Aconite Internet Solutions we know that success in the marketplace depends on our ability to:

• clearly understand the problem
• define the solution, and
• create sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.

We know that the Internet can be complex and confusing, no question about it, but we have been with it since it was in its infancy and we have a strong understanding of its strengths and weaknesses and of the opportunities that can be culled from it and and threat inherent in allowing your competitors to gain advantage through its use.

Aconite Internet Solutions was a partner in the 2CENTRE project funded by the European Commission. 2CENTRE plans to develop a network of CyberCrime Centres of Excellence for training, research and Education. The role of Aconite Internet Solutions is to provide coordination to the members of the network which currently includes Ireland, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Romania and Spain.

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